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Thread: 12U Select Bayou City Black Sox -Open Off Season Training

Created on: 07/07/13 05:53 PM

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12U Select Bayou City Black Sox -Open Off Season Training
07/07/13 5:53 PM

The Bayou City Black Sox will be holding open training this summer
focusing on ways to improve strength and endurance and help in
preventing sports-related injuries. We will focus on teaching the
participants to use their bodies and various fitness tools, such as
medicine balls, speed sleds, and parachutes, to create a fun and
challenging workouts. Training will consist of twice a week classes ;
Day 1-Strength & Conditioning Day-2 Baseball Specific Drills
We will be joined , periodically, by professional baseball coaches &
players who will focus deeper on the specific needs of the players.

Training will be open to all current players and prospective 2013-2014,
12U players. Please plan to join the team beginning on Tuesday, July 9th
from 7pm-8pm .
Session dates are listed below.

For purposes of being most effective, we need a head count for each
For more information, please contact Coach Sean Amo.
(832)771-1814 or

Tuesday, July 9th Tuesday, August 5th
Thursday, July 11th Thursday, August 7th
Tuesday, July 16th Tuesday, August 13th
Thursday, July 18th Thursday, August 15th
Tuesday, July 23rd Tuesday, August 20th
Thursday, July 25th Friday, August 23rd
Tuesday , July 30th
Thursday, Aug 1st

Coach Sean Amo
(832) 771-1814

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